Have direct control over your financial outlook in retirement


Your Super Fund will always be one of your main investments, so it’s vital you take it into consideration long before your retirement. Failing to do so could have a significantly negative impact on your financial outlook in retirement and in turn impact your lifestyle.  


At Newport Financial, we have the breadth of experience needed to create you a tax-effective Super Fund strategy. By keeping up with the latest changes in legislation, our team can develop a plan that will build you a sizeable nest egg for retirement and we’ll also review your options as circumstances change. 


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 How does a Self Managed Super Fund Work?


A Self Managed Super Fund (SMSF) gives you control over your own investment portfolio and the ability to invest in non-traditional investment options. However, the Australian Taxation Office (ATO) now checks over 80% of all applications, so it really pays to have professional expertise on your side when filing for a Self Managed Super Fund.


To help you manage your Super Fund without the burden of compliance and reporting obligations, we provide an optional Self Managed Superannuation Fund Administration service. This includes 3 areas of expertise, including:





Legal Obligations

Allocation of Investment Transactions

Automatic Data Investment Feeds




Data Entry

Performance Reports

Report Generation for General Ledgers and Member Benefits


Preparation & Communication


Annual Reports

Quarterly GST Returns

Auditor Liaising for Annual Audit Reviews



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