Active Portfolio Management

Keeping your finances secure in a volatile market

At Newport Financial, we don’t believe in taking risks when it comes to your retirement fund. But, without professionals by your side, you may find that you end up holding too many high-risk investments that don’t protect your wealth in the long run. In addition to this, managing your own investment portfolio can be extremely time consuming and have unexpected costs attached to it.

Thankfully, our accredited financial advisors will stay fully informed of any changes to the investment markets while managing your active portfolio. This allows us to preserve your existing wealth while creating new financial revenues to help support you in retirement.

To protect your financial future and keep ahead of investment market volatility, call our team now on (02) 8644 0696 or contact us now.

How does it work?

When it comes to your investment portfolio, you’re going to need a tailored strategic approach to suit the financial requirements of your retirement plan. Our qualified team of financial advisors can take care of every aspect of your investment portfolio and will keep you informed on any developments at all times. Our portfolio management services can be condensed down into three major areas, including:

Investment Curation

Risk Analysis

Performance Tracking

If you have any queries regarding our approach to underlying asset allocation, our advisors will happily explain our process to you. Contact our expert team now to learn more or discuss a tailored approach for your investment portfolio ambitions.

To protect your future with a financial plan you can count on.