YOung & Single People

Get a Headstart on Your Future

At this point in your life, you’ll have graduated from higher education and should be enjoying an improved income in full-time employment as a result. There are far less financial commitments for you to deal with now, but you’ve probably got a few things planned in the future.

At Newport Financial, we understand just how challenging it is to achieve all your ambitions and still save for the future. That’s why we’re help you navigate the waters ahead in a way that protects your retirement but gives you the financial freedom to enjoy life.

Take a look at our featured financial topics for young and single people or contact us now to discuss your options for a secure future.

Goals & Budgeting

Firmly establishing your financial goals gives you a clear roadmap when it comes to saving your money. You really will be surprised just how quickly buying your property will creep up on you, so it’s vital that you have the financial capital in place when you need it. Thankfully, the earlier you start saving for your financial goals, the easier they are to achieve.

“The earlier you start saving for your financial
goals, the easier they are to achieve.”

Goals and budgeting go hand in hand, so we designed a Budget Planner to really help you out. You’ll be able to estimate your fixed and planned expenses to see just how much you’ll have left over to save. If possible, always try to save 30% of your income, but put away more if you can.

Understanding Debt

Bad debt is the biggest threat to a secure retirement and falling into the trap will significantly impact your financial outlook. It may take some restraint, but you can completely avoid bad debt by only making purchases you can truly afford.

“Falling into the bad debt trap will significantly
impact your financial outlook.”

But, not all debt is bad and our experienced financial advisors know exactly what it takes to build your wealth. We’ll develop ‘good debt’ strategies that allow you to purchase assets that are likely to see an increase in value.

But, don’t worry if you’ve struggled with debt before. Thanks to our direct access to Australia’s leading lenders, our team can still help you gain the most competitive lending products on the market. Speak with one of our fully accredited financial advisors to learn more about your options.

Investable Income

After gaining better control of your spending, you’ll soon have an investable amount of funds available to you. Take time to consider how you want to invest your newly available funds and how it fits in with your long-term goals. However, with professional wealth creation advice you’ll vastly increase future returns.

“With professional wealth creation advice,
you’ll vastly increase future returns.”

At Newport Financial, well tailor you an investment strategy around your specific goals, using proven industry methods, such as Investment Planning, Dollar Cost Averaging, and Gearing. Inside each strategy lies a variety of investment types for your consideration, including Investment Platforms, Managed Funds, and Direct Shares.

But, if it seems overwhelming, don’t worry. Our fully accredited financial advisors will take you through every strategic aspect and carefully explain any questions you may have. Contact a friendly member of our team to learn more.

Wealth Protection

Would you be able to support yourself financially without using your savings if you were injured or fell ill for an extended period of time? Unfortunately, health issues can strike at the most inopportune times and often cause significant financial complications. So, the importance of protecting your wealth with a robust insurance plan can’t be underestimated when you’re saving for your future.

“The importance of protecting your wealth with a
robust insurance plan can’t be underestimated.”

Newport Financial is here to assess your personal situation and advise you on the best insurance cover for your unique requirements. Additionally, we can review any existing policies to ensure you’re receiving the best cover possible. To find out more about wealth protection, get in touch with us today.

Your Financial Planning Pathway

Is it time that you really considered how to keep your financial future prosperous and protected? At Newport Financial, we’ll formulate a uniquely tailored financial plan to secure your future and retirement. If you’d like to learn a little more about the areas of financial advisory that we specialise in, call us now on (02) 8644 0696.

“We’ll formulate a uniquely tailored financial
plan to secure your future and retirement.”

Or, to speak with a creative, industry leading financial advisor about your ambitions for the future, please don’t hesitate to contact us now.

To protect your future with a financial plan you can count on.