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We hear it all the time, our clients are continually worried about having the funds available to last them through the entirety of their retirement. It's a valid concern; one that we understand and sympathise with.

Thankfully, we utilise a number of strategies to make conservative projections about how your retirement will look and then plan accordingly. Additionally, we'll check your eligibility for every Age Pension benefit to determine exactly what you'll expect to receive in retirement.

Stage 1 – Pre-Retirement

How does it work?

After establishing your retirement goals, our team will be in a position to review the very best pre-retirement strategies for your unique circumstances, including:

Salary Sacrificing

Negative Gearing

Deductible & Non-Deductible Contributions

Spend Requirements

You may be new to some of this, but please don’t worry. We’ll explain everything clearly and without the use of jargon so that you stay fully informed at every stage of the process.
Our accredited financial advisors are here to take you through the entire pre-retirement planning stage from start to finish.

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Stage 2 – Post-Retirement

How does it work?

By taking care of the affordability aspect of your retirement, we’re able to move on to maximising your financial outlook in retirement. This stage is split into three major areas for us to examine, including:

Reducing Tax Obligations

Ongoing Financial Reviews

Maximising Age Pension Benefits

As your circumstances develop and legislation in our area changes, our team will devise new, innovative strategies for us to utilise. Your retirement is an ongoing process and that’s why this stage in financial planning is about maximising your available funds at any given moment.

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